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Simple Tips to Prepare Your Home for an Exterior Paint Project

We all love a pristine house, but preparation and repairs have to take place to achieve that. Before a professional team of painters can work on applying new paint to the exterior of your home, there is much to be done. To ensure your exterior paint project goes as planned, there are repairs and maintenance tasks you can take care of to plan accordingly. We discuss them to help you prepare!

Schedule Your Project During Good Weather Conditions

Most homeowners aim to tackle an exterior paint job on a weekend when they’re most available to tend to their homes. While the weekend may seem like the best time, you will want to think twice! Look into what the weather will be like in the coming weeks. A paint job can require up to three weekends, so you will want to choose wisely when scheduling your home’s exterior paint project.

Pressure Wash and Clean the Surfaces

Washing your home’s exterior surfaces is crucial for a new paint job. A clean and clear surface allows new paint to adhere properly, so if you want your paint job to go right, you should definitely pressure wash with enough time. You want to wash your home’s exterior walls days prior to a paint job, considering it will require one full day for it to dry after pressure washing.

Trim Bushes and Plants

In order to create a clear and free working space around your home’s exterior, you will need to trim any bushes or plants you have in your yard. This is not only to prevent paint splatter, but by trimming bushes and plants, your team of paint professionals will have the necessary space to work freely and with ease. Be considerate of their needs and prepare your yard as needed!

Cover Surrounding Areas with a Drop Cloth

Most professional painters are tasked with covering up flooring and surrounding surfaces during interior paint jobs, but the responsibilities differ from exterior paint jobs. In addition to clearing up any greenery around your home, you will want to cover up all hardware and fixtures, such as cables, nails, light fixtures. With that being said, to avoid any accidents or conflict, cover up any outdoor furnishings before your paint job goes on.

Repair as Needed

Your home could not only be suffering from old, outdated exterior paint, but you may also find some noticeable flaws. To keep a paint job smooth and productive, these flaws will need tending to. Oftentimes, this could be done on your own, but a professional team may be able to provide these services in addition to a paint job. Either way, it could still do some good to prep and repair your surfaces. We discuss some repairs you may be able to do beforehand!

Scrape Off Loose Paint

Scraping away loose paint can take some time, but it’s absolutely necessary before applying a fresh coat of paint. To get rid of loose paint, you can use a wire brush or a scraping tool. You do not have to scrape to the bare surface if some of the old paint is still intact. This old paint can be painted over after a professional sands the surface, so you don't have to worry if the paint is causing an eyesore.

Reapply New Putty for Your Windows

One major thing to consider before painting the exterior of your home is your windows. You have to treat them with the same amount of prep and repair as you would with your walls. If your windows are losing their seal, you can remove the old putty and apply new glazing. You will want to make sure that the new glazing is dry before applying paint to your walls.

Recaulk Around Door Trim

Just like your windows, you have to think about prepping your doors as well. If your door's old caulk is also losing its strength or falling off, you can remove it. Once it has been removed, you can re-caulk around the door trim and other areas that need to be sealed with paintable exterior caulk.

Hire a Professional to Upgrade the Exterior of Your Home, Today

There is plenty you can do to prepare your home for a paint job, but at the end of the day, a professional is best when it comes to actually painting the exterior. Allow a professional to take care of the work for you. Contact us today!

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