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10 Signs that Say Your Roof Is In Need of a Replacement

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

After years of use, most roofs will reach the end of their lives naturally, while others experience failure much earlier. If your roof falls into the latter category, then you will more than likely require maintenance and a possible replacement earlier than expected. Delaying on a roof replacement can lead to bigger problems down the road, which is why it is extra important for you to know the state of your roof and how well it is holding up. There are a good amount of warning signs that can indicate the possibility of a total roof replacement. While we recommend reaching out to our team so we can safely check the state of your roof, there are some signs you can keep an eye out for without having to climb on your roof yourself. We provide a brief checklist to help you determine whether it is time to replace your roof.

Start by Inspecting Inside

If you have been wondering about your roof and its need to be replaced, the first place you should check is the attic. If you can’t immediately spot external problems on your roofing, you might be able to catch whatever is wearing down your roof from the inside. Look for beams of light coming into the roof, which can signal a leak.

The Condition of the Shingles

If you take a look at your roof from ground level and notice that all of the shingles are cracked, missing granules, or curling, then this is definitely a call for a roof replacement. If only a few of your shingles are damaged, you can easily have them replaced individually, but if it is your entire roof, you will most likely need to look into roof replacement.

The Flashing of Vents, Skylights, and Chimneys

The flashing around vents, skylight, and chimneys (if you have any of these on your roof) is meant to seal and protect the seams of the roof from rain and other weather conditions. The flashing can be made out of cement or tar and if they have cracks, this means your roof could be suffering from leaks.

A Droopy, Sagging Roof

Sags almost always call for a replacement. This is damage that cannot easily be repaired, it just simply needs to be replaced right away before your roof starts to fall in even more. You can go and take a quick check to see if any sags are starting to form on your roof.

Houseplants and Moss

It’s normal to have moss growing on the corner of your home, but the minute you see it on your roof, this calls for trouble. Moss and other unwanted greenery can trap moisture, which can wear down a roof faster. If moss is growing on your roof, get in touch with a professional right away to know your options.

Exposed Nails

The nails that hold your shingles down to your roof can rust if they have been exposed. Not only that, since they are exposed, this means they can allow for water to come in, encouraging leaks. Depending on how many nails in your roof are exposed, this may call for a roof replacement.


Roof leaks can be tricky. Some leaks can cause structural damage, other leaks may not be as severe. Nonetheless, if your roof has been suffering from leaks, there is a possibility it already has structural damage and will need to be replaced. Whatever the case is, leaks should be attended to right away.

Missing Gutter Apron

A gutter apron is what allows water to stream away from your roof when it rains. You can have gutters, but no properly working gutter apron to stop the water, meaning it will stay behind and collect. This is how roof sheathing can rot. If there are water stains below the gutter this usually means that the gutter apron is missing. Although the gutter apron can easily be replaced, the damage that the collected water creates is often not reparable.

Damaged Plumbing

There are plumbing fixtures on the top of a roof, plumbing vent boots, which also act as flashing. The bases of these fixtures can have cracks or broken seams, which is something you need to look out for. You can replace the boot and this should often help prevent a total roof replacement if there is no further damage.

Extreme Weather Damage

Even when extreme weather conditions hit, it doesn’t always mean you’ll be able to see the damage done to your roof. The damage can lie below the shingles, making it difficult to detect or find any damage at first sight. Lift the shingles to find any damage. If you noticed that the sealant is loosened, including a nail, this definitely calls for maintenance.

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